Watershed on Wheels

On Thursday, January 24 the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority will bring its Watershed on Wheels program to some of our junior students. It’s a half day program that connects to the Science and Technology curriculum.

Grade 1 and 1/2 will participate in A Season of Change: Students have the opportunity to learn through games and activities how plants and animals prepare for the 4 seasons in Canada. Discussions include why we have seasons and how nature can be used to forecast weather. Participants will have the opportunity to touch animal furs and skulls.

Grade 2/3 will be participating in Water Cents: an exciting indoor program where the students use play money to buy and sell shares of environmental companies on the stock market. Through a water conservation survey; skits; active games; and an interactive model; students learn ways to conserve water and how a company’s success can be determined by their environmental ethics.

TRCA will be back on February 14 to lead sessions for Grades 3,4,5,6

For more on the TRCA: http://trca.on.ca/