Watershed on Wheels for Juniors on Feb 14th – Wetlands we love you…

TRCA’s Watershed on Wheels program is back with junior grades on Thursday, Feb 14. Here’s a description of what will be happening in your children’s classes!


Grades 3 & 4: Wetland Ecosystems: Children participate in activities and lessons that focus on the  importance of Ontario wetlands. Topics explored include types of  wetlands; the importance and role of wetland habitats; historical  destruction of wetlands; diversity of types of plants and wildlife;  invertebrates; indicator and alien species.


Grade 5:
Climate Calamity: When it comes to climate change, we can’t afford to wait and learn about this important topic. Through a trivia game, an interactive greenhouse  gas activity, media reviews and citizen role-plays, this innovative  program helps students understand their environmental footprint and  explore ways we can be solution oriented in deailing with this  environmental reality.


Grade 6:
Diversity of Living Things: Teaching children about complex things such as biological classification systems can be a difficult task. Allow our trained staff to help  simplify it and make it fun and exciting. Students learn about  classification systems used in every day life as well as those used by  biologists to classify all living things.