Update from the Hawthorne II and Essex School Garden Committee

The extended glimpses of sun, warming weather and persistent rain mean only one thing . . . time to start planting seeds!

In response to the survey sent out in November, we received about 75 responses from both schools that gave overwhelming support for the idea of revitalizing the Hawthorne II and Essex School gardens. With that vote of confidence and support from the school’s teachers and administration, our renewed efforts have gotten underway.

As a first step, a number of classes at Hawthorne II and Essex will be planting seeds in their classes. Since there is still not enough sunlight and warmth to plant outdoors, starting seeds inside is a way to begin growing seedlings early to ensure they will be ready for outdoor planting in mid-May. The students will be planting tomatoes, edible flowers and a variety of other herbs and veggies.

The next step will be to hold a community cleanup in late April or early May to prepare the garden for planting. More info to come!