Staggered Start Dates for School

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Hawthorne is on the Kindergarten to Grade 6 schedule so our first days are as follows:

Tuesday, September 15
• Senior Kindergarten
• Grade 6

Wednesday, September 16
• Junior Kindergarten
• Grade 1
• Grade 5

Thursday, September 17
• Grade 2
• Grade 3
• Grade 4

Start and end times to come!

For more information read Returning to School: A Guide to the Safe Reopening of the TDSB on the TDSB website.

Hawthorne administration is still working out
• washroom protocol
• staggered entry and exit strategies
• late arrival directives
• masking
• lunch and recess
• use of outdoor space & wellness room

Teacher assignments as well as re-entry, classroom set-up and health and safety processes will be shared with the community shortly. 

Thanks for your patience.