Spring H2E Afterschool Program decision to be made after March Break

Dear Parents of Hawthorne II and Essex,

Thank you for a great response to our first round of afterschool programming. We’ve been running the KINDERart program on Thursdays and the Chess Club on Wednesdays with over 20 students in each. The vendors tell us this is great turnout for a school of our size. 

Our plan for spring 2020 was to continue with KINDERart and Chess as well as relaunch EXPLORUM cooking and EXPLORUM science in French. However, after discussions with school administration we’ve decided to postpone a decision on our Spring 2020 programming until after March break. 

This decision is solely related to the labour dispute, the difficulty running programs in this environment and potential inability to find space for make up classes. The feedback we are receiving on the programming itself is very positive. 

Please email h2eafterschool@gmail.com if you have any questions. Otherwise, stay tuned after March break for an update on Spring 2020 programs! At the very least we plan to bring programs back for Fall 2020.