Scholastic Book Fair is coming to Essex & Hawthorne!

The Book Fair will be set up in the library and in the foyer on concert nights.  Monday to Wednesday, December 16–18

This is an opportunity to peruse and buy Scholastic books directly. 

We are looking for parent volunteers to be cashiers. Our Librarian Sheila will have everything set up–all you need to do is handle the money and you can chit chat about books if you want. 

Please contact Sheila if you can be a cashier for any time slot:

Dec 16 Monday 

Dec 17 Tuesday 
5:15-5:45 before Hawthorne concert
7:00-7:30 after concert

Dec 18 Wednesday 
4:45-5:15 before Essex concert
6:30-7:00 after concert 

This is a fundraiser for both schools. All fundraising is people powered.