Pennies for Water

Leah and Johnny went to WeDay organized by Free the Children to learn about how we can help people in other countries that are in need.  Leah and Johnny got an empty bag to fill up with pennies.  After the bag is filled, it is given to the Royal Bank of Canada who will then give it to Free the Children.  Free the Children will use the money to provide clean water to one person for the rest of their life.  When each bag is filled, it is a total of $25 in pennies.  We decided to make this a class project in which Leah and Johnny will be in charge of dropping off all filled bags and getting new bags.

Room 302 has already filled one bag!  We are about to give it to the Royal Bank of Canada so that we can get a second bag.  We are planning on keeping track of how many bags we fill over the course of the year.