Parent Council Needs You!

I know what you’re thinking, what do I know about being on Parent Council? Or, how can I be on Parent Council when I’ve never even attended a meeting?

But the truth is, Parent Council needs you! It doesn’t matter if you know anything about Parent Council, you’ll find out everything you need to know once you get involved. There’s no better way to know what’s going on at the school than to get in on the action.

Why should you volunteer on Parent Council?
– To contribute to your child’s school and help make it the best it can be.
– To fulfill your obligation to volunteer at Hawthorne (part of being a member of an alternative school is the commitment to get involved).
– Gain skills that will round out your resume.
– Meet and work with wonderful people.

There are so many reasons to get involved, and there’s no time like now!!!

The following positions need to be filled as soon as possible:
– Fundraising and Special Events Co-Chairs (2 positions)
– Alternative Schools Advisory Committee (ASAC) / Ward Representative

If you’re interested in either of these positions, contact the Parent Council Chair, Tara Hargreaves, at

Fundraising and Special Events Co-Chairs

This is a key position on Parent Council. Without Co-Chairs for the Fundraising and Special Events Committee, Hawthorne may see the end to events like the beginning and end of year potlucks, the Night Gathering, and the Spring Fling. The sooner you step up and take on this position the sooner you can start working with the current Co-Chair and learn the ropes. Spring Fling is a big event and we need you to come forward now to make sure it’ll happen and be the best it can be!!!

ASAC / Ward Representative

ASAC advises the TDSB on matters concerning alternative schools. It is important that Hawthorne have a voice on ASAC and this post has been vacant for too long. The meetings are no more frequent than once per month and are held in the evening. In addition the School Board Trustee for the Ward Hawthorne is in has occasional meetings. The ASAC / Ward Representative would need to attend as many ASAC and Ward meetings as possible and report to Parent Council on the meetings. It would be ideal if the ASAC / Ward Representative could attend Hawthorne Parent Council meetings as well, but a briefing could be provided to the Chair in lieu of attendance.

Find out more about ASAC here: