Rose Reisman Kids Lunch Program Ending

Due to low numbers, the Kids Lunch Program will no longer be available after the end of this month.

Door and Window Replacement update

Exit #12 (Hawthorne main doors) will be closed beginning tomorrow, Tuesday, March 20th until further notice.

The doors and windows are being replaced on the first and second floor.

Therefore, the area will be closed until the work is completed.

Please use Exit #1 (Essex main doors) to enter the school.

Thank you!

Spring Social Night and Fundraiser

Tuesday March 27 – auction is live
Tuesday April 10 – comedy night! 
Venue: The Comedy Bar at Bloor & Ossington, map: 945 Bloor St W.
  Doors at 7
  Comedy at 8
  Auction closes at 10 pm
Tickets available here: show.php?Event_ID=9450   The ticket price is $25 + $1.25 service fee.


Hello Hawthorne families,

As some of you may have heard, we’ve got an exciting social night and fundraiser coming up. On Tuesday, April 10, some of our school’s parents (Jim Annan, Liz Whitmere, Fiona MacCool and more…) will be part of a fun-filled evening at The Comedy Bar at Bloor & Ossington. Laughs! Drinks! Food! Fun! 50/50 draw!
The other aspect of this event is an online auction. We’ve already got some excellent items for the auction from our Grade 5 & 6 families! BUT we’re hoping that *all* Hawthorne families can source an item to donate to this event. If you need ideas, think about the kinds of things that you might want bid on — restaurants, classes, sporting or music events, alcohol.
The auction will be ‘live’ for two weeks, and will wrap up on the evening of April 10. Anyone is eligible to bid, as long as they have the auction link!
I’ve attached a request letter to use when soliciting donations. All donation items should be in by March 25.
Maria Sullivan (Gr 5 parent) has volunteered to track all donations: . Thank you Maria! Please email her the following for each item: item name, picture of item, or of something similar so bidders get the idea, vendor information, and market price.  Please copy as well. 
Leslie Rosenblood is once again going to manage the auction site for us. This is a big job, and thankfully he’s agreed to do it. Thanks Leslie!!!
IF you have a physical item, please send all of the information to Maria, and then deliver to Tracey Shannon at the Hawthorne office. She has kindly agreed to safely store items until winners come to pick up the item.
Feel free to email questions More information about the social evening and the auction to come! Thanks, Tina

School Parking Lot Closed

The schools will be having door and window replacement work to begin on March Break.
Facilities will need access to the parking lot to organize the trailers and waster bins.

As a result, the parking lot will not be accessible for parking beginning Wednesday, March 7th after school to Thursday, March 8th in the morning.
Once the equipment has been set-up, the parking will be re-open and accessible.

The door and window replacement will begin March Break and continue until completed.
Notices will be posted at the various entrances when the work is being done.
As well, areas will be marked off when the work is being done.

Facilities will begin with Exit #3 by the daycare, followed by exit #6, exit 5, exit #10 and exit #9.

Chef à l’école- Volunteers needed!

Hawthorne Grades 1-6 are excited to participate in the Chef à l’école cooking workshops on Wednesday, March 21 and Thursday, March 22. Chef à l’École is a unique, interactive, hands on experience for students to expand their current French vocabulary while preparing recipes followed by a lesson in French Canadian culture.

We are looking for volunteers to help support this program. No French abilities are needed to participate. It would be best if we could get a few people to volunteer for the whole day helping various classes, and then a few more to support during your child’s class. Ideally, we need 5 volunteers to help with each session.

Please contact your child’s teacher if you are available to help.


mercredi 21 mars, jour 5


jeudi 22 mars, jour 1


8:45- 10:15


8:45- 10:15


10:15- 11:45


10:15- 11:45









Wellness Morning: Call for Presenters/Volunteers

On Friday May 4th, Essex and Hawthorne will have its first annual Wellness Morning!  This is in celebration of Children’s Mental Health Week in Ontario, which runs from May 7th to 13th, 2018.  We are looking for any parents to help us run this morning.  The theme of this morning is: What makes you happy?  Staff has volunteered to run workshops in things that make them happy, eg. Cooking, baking, gardening, yoga, art, laughter yoga, meditation, walking, running are some ideas so far.  Other ideas could be: a maker space, a pop-up playground, a writers’ workshop … and so much more!

Our parent communities at both Essex and Hawthorne are rich in experience and expertise.  So we are calling on you. Would you be willing to  run a workshop, co-run a workshop or help supervise a workshop?  If so, please contact Leslie Tumangday at by March 24th.  We will meet shortly after that.

Thank you!

Parents as Partners Conference 2018

Registration is now open for the Parents as Partners Conference!

The Parents as Partners Conference 2018 is on Saturday, April 28 and all parents are welcome!

This free conference – planned by parents, for parents – includes a variety of workshops and resources that will help any parent support their child in their achievement and well-being at school and at home.

Please inform parents and families about this exciting and valuable opportunity.

Transportation, childcare, food and translators are all provided. Register now at

Spring Safety Message: Exercise Caution Near Waterways

Toronto and Region Conservation (TRCA)


For Immediate Distribution

Spring Safety Message: Exercise Caution Near Waterways

Toronto and Region Conservation (TRCA) urges residents to keep family members and pets away from the water’s edge this spring

(Toronto, March 8, 2018) Conservation Authorities are reminding residents of dangers that exist near streams, rivers, ponds and lakes around this time of year and urge people to keep family and pets away from the edge of all waterways.

Spring is quickly approaching, and with warmer temperatures, people look forward to getting outdoors. Warmer temperatures generally also bring rain, melting snow and shifting ice which can contribute to higher, faster flowing water in watercourses.

With warmer temperatures over the past few weeks, we have already experienced significant snow and ice melt in our watercourses throughout the Greater Toronto Area. However, the river and stream banks remain slippery and may be unstable and the extremely cold water temperatures can also lead to very hazardous conditions close to any body of water. Also, with the frozen ground conditions and intense rainfall that may accompany Spring conditions, the flows in TRCA watercourses will be faster and higher than usual.

Please keep family members and pets safely away from any water’s edge and help make this an enjoyable Spring.

Join us for CAPES FOR KIDS!

On Friday March 9th, students at Essex and Hawthorne are encouraged to wear a cape and bring a toonie for students at Holland Bloorview. Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital supports students to live happy, healthy, and independent lives. See more here:

Holland Bloorview’s Capes for Kids

If you don’t have a cape, NO PROBLEM! Feel free to get creative, use your imagination and turn a sheet, quilt, blanket, towel into a cape! All ideas welcomed and encouraged!

Also on Friday, Positive Space will host a bake sale in the school lobby at lunch to raise funds for Holland Bloorview. Join us for some yummy treats!

Rose Reisman Kids Lunch Program may be cancelled

In order for Hawthorne and Essex to remain in the Kids Lunch Program, there must be a minimum of 35 orders per day the program is on (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday). Currently, we are not meeting this minimum. If there isn’t an increase over the next 3 weeks, we will no longer be part of the program.



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