Meet a Hawthorne Volunteer!

Volunteer 2 picWho she is: Margaret Revoredo

Parent of:   Emma Lee, Senior Kindergarten

What she did: Volunteers in Janice’s class for baking activities and crafts.

How it helped Hawthorne:  It helps make it possible for students to bake in the classroom and do more crafts;   cooking, baking and making crafts are great tools for learning.

Why she jumped:   “I enjoy baking and making crafts, and know that it is challenging to do these things in the classroom without an extra pair of hands or two.”

Her biggest challenge:  “Giving all the students equal attention when my daughter is used to having my undivided attention.”

Her biggest reward:  “Getting to know the students in the class, seeing the kids enjoying their creations, and the smile on my daughters face (she likes seeing me in the classroom).  All are very rewarding!”

Some of the other things she does: “I attend walkies (a weekly walk around the neighbourhood) with the kindergarten classes whenever I can.”