Holiday Bake Sale, Hawthorne Merch and Stubbe Chocolate Tree Raffle 

Screen Shot 2019-12-16 at 12.06.18 AMIn support of the Grade 5/6 Montreal trip we’ll be selling baking, merch and raffle tickets a Chocolate Tree on Tuesday Dec 17 from 5–6 pm & 7–7:15 pm in the school foyer before/after the Hawthorne Holiday Concert. BRING CASH! See you there!

What is the grade 5/6 Montreal Trip?

Our grade 5/6 students go on a three day a trip each year alternating between Montreal in the Spring and the Toronto Island school in the Fall. Students experience each of these trips either in the 5th or 6th grade.

The Montreal trip provides an opportunity for students to use some of the French skills they have acquired from Hawthorne’s extended French curriculum. The Toronto island school is a 3 day outdoor education program where students partake in various programs relating to the environment and team building. This year students will be going to Montreal.

The Montreal trip costs $450 per student. The Hawthorne II parent council has pledged to subsidize $200 (fundraising dollars) per student for the trip. (Thank you Hawthorne II PC!) The 5/6 parents are responsible for doing additional fundraising cover the rest of the cost. Some initiatives include a holiday concert bake sale, merch sale, parent social, and online auction. Stay tuned for more fundraising efforts and thanks for your support!