Hawthorne and Essex Community Syrian Refugee Sponsorship Project

Almost nine months ago, a Syrian family sponsored by our school community arrived in Toronto. The four kids are in school and daycare and everyone is learning English and experiencing their first Canadian winter.

While the family is happy to be here – they are worried about their loved ones back home in Syria. This is particularly the case for the mother of the family, whose sister, her six kids, and husband are an hour outside of Aleppo. They are desperate to get out. As she explains “There is no school, there is nothing for them. As the kids get older, they will be taken to fight. They need to get out.”

We want to sponsor them. We are putting together another group of five sponsorship to do this. To sponsor such a large family, we will need to raise approximately $60,000.

Because the federal government has put a cap on the number of Syrian refugees that Canada will welcome in 2017, we will be working with a Sponsorship Agreement Holder to manage this sponsorship. As a result, it is important for us to get the funds together so that we can move that process forward. If we are unable to sponsor this family, the money will be used to sponsor another family.

In this messed up world, it is difficult to know what to do. This won’t solve the crisis in the Middle East, nor here. But it will make a concrete difference in the lives of this family.


To make a tax deductible charitable donation, please do one of the following:

1. Mail your cheque directly to St Clare’s. Please be sure to specify ‘Syrian refugee sponsorship’ on the memo line.

St. Clare’s Multifaith Housing Society
138 Pears Avenue – Box 801
Toronto ON
M5R 3K6

2. Donate online on St. Clare’s page at Canada HelpsPlease be sure to specify ‘Syrian refugee sponsorship’ in the comments section. 

Once you have made your donation, please send an email to us at hawthorne2sponsorship@gmail.com  so that we can following up to ensure that your donation has been directed to the sponsorship fund and is being counted toward our goal.


To get involved and help with fundraising and settlement, please contact hawthorne2sponsorship@gmail.com


Thank you!
Hawthorne and Essex Community Syrian Refugee Sponsorship Project