Parent Council Needs You!

I know what you’re thinking, what do I know about being on Parent Council? Or, how can I be on Parent Council when I’ve never even attended a meeting?

But the truth is, Parent Council needs you! It doesn’t matter if you know anything about Parent Council, you’ll find out everything you need to know once you get involved. There’s no better way to know what’s going on at the school than to get in on the action.

Why should you volunteer on Parent Council?
– To contribute to your child’s school and help make it the best it can be.
– To fulfill your obligation to volunteer at Hawthorne (part of being a member of an alternative school is the commitment to get involved).
– Gain skills that will round out your resume.
– Meet and work with wonderful people.

There are so many reasons to get involved, and there’s no time like now!!!

The following positions need to be filled as soon as possible:
– Fundraising and Special Events Co-Chairs (2 positions)
– Alternative Schools Advisory Committee (ASAC) / Ward Representative

If you’re interested in either of these positions, contact the Parent Council Chair, Tara Hargreaves, at

Fundraising and Special Events Co-Chairs

This is a key position on Parent Council. Without Co-Chairs for the Fundraising and Special Events Committee, Hawthorne may see the end to events like the beginning and end of year potlucks, the Night Gathering, and the Spring Fling. The sooner you step up and take on this position the sooner you can start working with the current Co-Chair and learn the ropes. Spring Fling is a big event and we need you to come forward now to make sure it’ll happen and be the best it can be!!!

ASAC / Ward Representative

ASAC advises the TDSB on matters concerning alternative schools. It is important that Hawthorne have a voice on ASAC and this post has been vacant for too long. The meetings are no more frequent than once per month and are held in the evening. In addition the School Board Trustee for the Ward Hawthorne is in has occasional meetings. The ASAC / Ward Representative would need to attend as many ASAC and Ward meetings as possible and report to Parent Council on the meetings. It would be ideal if the ASAC / Ward Representative could attend Hawthorne Parent Council meetings as well, but a briefing could be provided to the Chair in lieu of attendance.

Find out more about ASAC here:

Chance to try out the Co-Treasurer position without a full year commitment!

Chance to try out the Co-Treasurer position without a full year commitment!


Our co-treasurer is making a big move to Victoria and will not be able to finish out her term (which ends in January).

This position involves the “front-office” treasury work, writing cheques, depositing cheques, and doing the related paperwork.

The bank we use is TD which has fantastic hours before and after regular work which makes it easy to do a deposit.

Most of the work can be done from the comfort of your couch while watching TV!

The “front-office treasurer” hands off the paperwork to our “back-office treasurer” who does the Quicken book keeping, and generates the reports.

The position will end in January (unless you love it and want to keep it!)

If you are considering this and want to ask any questions or get any reassurance please feel free to contact Kate at

Applying to Hawthorne? Come to our Information Night

Information Night: Tuesday, February 2nd, from 6 pm to 7 pm

Location: Library, 2nd floor

Come and hear about Hawthorne II Alternative School!  This is a great opportunity for parents to meet Hawthorne teachers, administration and parent council.

Complete registration is not necessary until after we have completed our lottery.  To be considered for the lottery, please ensure  you have completed the Optional Attendance form and have it signed by the home school.  To find your home school, please visit  Optional Attendance forms can be downloaded on our blog.  The deadline to submit your form is Friday February 19th by 4pm.  Families that have been accepted will be notified by Friday March 11th, 2016 and registration info for those families will be available at that time.  Any families not accepted will automatically be placed on our waitlist.

Open House/Tours: Friday, February 5th [note the new date]

Time: Morning- 9:30 to 10:30 & Afternoon- 1:00 to 2:00

Location: 2nd Floor, Peace Lounge (just outside of the library)

If you are a Hawthorne Parent and would like to come out and meet families interested in attending our school please try to drop by the Information Night or during one of our Open House times. 

Download the registration form: Optional Attendance Form

Essex and Hawthorne Schools Unite to Sponsor a Syrian Refugee Family

We are pleased to announce that we took our idea for this project to the Essex Parent Council and they enthusiastically joined our initiative. Our page on the school website about this project has now been renamed the Hawthorne and Essex Community Syrian Refugee Sponsorship Project and we are so excited to be able to make a difference together.

We need to raise a minimum amount of $30,000 for a our application to be approved. That means we only need 60 families to pledge $500.00. Any amount you can spare would be helpful.

There are also so many other ways to help these families such as providing assistance finding shelter, employment, furniture or health services. We will also be working to get our classrooms involved with curriculum that helps our kids feel like they are part of extending a hand across the world and bringing out the very best in Canada. If you have not already done so, please pledge your support at:

Parent Council Nominations Due Friday – please consider getting involved, we have vacant positions!

Nominations for the parent council are due by Friday January 10, and should be either submitted to the office or emailed to If you are interested in an elected position, you will need someone else to nominate you using Hawtharne Parent Council Candidate Nomination Form 2013-2014.

Please note the council position cycle is from January of this year to January of next year, except for Council Co-Chairs who hold a two year term. For more information on elected positions and volunteer positions that exist read this document: Exec and Volunteer Positions for Hawthorne Parent Council (Jan 6-14).

The Council Chair, Secretary and Enrichment Chair positions will be vacant and all positions will require election or re-election. The election will be held on January 23rd, which is our next Council meeting and Annual General Meeting for Hawthorne’s charitable organization.

Upcoming Parent Council Election Nominations Due Jan 10 – please consider filing a vacant position

Annual Parent Council elections will be held on January 23rd. Nomination forms for elected positions are due on January 10. Anyone interested in running for Council Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, School Improvement Committee Chair, or Enrichment Committee Chair needs to be nominated by someone else using this form: Hawtharne Parent Council Candidate Nomination Form 2013-2014.Please consider getting more involved in parent council!

We will definitely have vacancies this year for Co-Chairs, and Chairs of Enrichment and Secretary. All committees can be co-chaired. All elected positions require nomination forms, including position holders who are willing to continue into the next year. Where there isn’t more than one candidate, that candidate will be acclaimed.

Forms can be dropped in to the office,, attention to the Council Chairs. Questions about the Couucil, positions, elections or anything else can be directed to Darcelle or Wendy at

Next Parent Council Meeting on December 11, 7pm

The next parent  council meeting has been rescheduled to December 11 @ 7 pm in the library. Please notify us in advance if you plan to attend and require childcare ( Come out and find out more about getting involved in Council, what Council does. Elections for Parent Council will be held in January and many executive positions will be vacant. We need you to get involved! Find out more!

Core topics will include:

  • Nomination process for January Parent Council election and info on council positions
  • Role of Staffing Committee and call for volunteers
  • Proposal to establish a committee to review and revise the Hawthorne Handbook including a review of school values and priorities
  • Fundraising options for meeting fundraising targets


Team Updates!

Hawthorne sports teams are finishing the year with great success!  Our Grade 6 boys Volleyball is playing superb and head into the finals  at Winona with a perfect record (they haven’t lost any sets so far!).  Hawthorne Grade 6 girls played in the semi-finals for  basketball tonight.
New teams due to start next week:
Grade 4 and 5 boys basketball
Grade 6 boys basketball
Grade 4 and 5 girls volleyball
Grade 6 girls volleyball
Any coaching help would be greatly appreciated, practices are at lunch  and/or after school. Even if someone just volunteers to do the paperwork that would take a great load off. Please contact Ian at: