Mind Your Bees Fundraiser

Mind Your Bees, bees wax food wraps
These bees wax food wraps are so cute!


Introducing, Mind Your Bees – bees wax food wraps

Just in time for the holidays we will be holding a new fundraiser at Hawthorne with Mind Your Bees for bees wax food wraps. They are a small family run business in Hamilton that started by looking for a way to eliminate the need for single use plastic wrap.

Made from 100% cotton, local beeswax, organic jojoba oil, pine tree resin and coconut wax these wraps are reusable and washable for up to 1 year and then are compostable. Can you imagine how much plastic waste can be eliminated by using these wraps?

They are great for storing cut fruit, vegetables, cheese or covering bowels with leftovers. Just make sure you wash with cold water and dish soap and air dry.

There are 2 options available:
Small set (3 piece): 8×8, 10×10, 13×14 for $20
Bread wrap: 22×18 for $18 

Samples of the 2 options will be available to look at in Tracey’s office in the bin to hand in the forms.
Mind Your Bees Food Wraps. Aren’t they cute?
Bread wrap!
Forms have gone home in children’s backpacks but you can also download them here.
There will be a bin in Tracey’s office to return the forms and payment.

You can pay by cash, cheque made out to Hawthorne II School Council, or email Tania at
burberry101@hotmail.com to arrange and etransfer.

Deadline to return forms is Thursday, December 5.

Many thanks for a hugely successful FFFF!

Thanks Fresh from the Farm for the tasty Ontario produce, Food Share for delivering & The Stop for accepting our generous donations!
Special thanks goes out to all the volunteers and of course the families who purchased bundles!

We fundraised $3800 gross
$2000 goes to the farmers
$1500 is ours to keep
Aprox 1200 LBS of fruit and veg donated to the Stop!!

May your hearts be happy and your bellies be full!
Bon appetite!

Volunteers needed for FFFF harvest day next WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 23rd!

Our FFFF HARVEST DAY happens next
WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 23, 2016 between 2:30-6:30pm.

We are STILL looking for volunteers on harvest day…
The produce will arrive at 10am.
Their are 3 volunteer shifts 10am-1pm, 1pm-3pm, 3pm-6:30pm

We are going to have a blast receiving and processing the delivery!
Please consider helping out for a few hours throughout the day?
If you have ordered and will not be able to pick up your produce on Wed please make an arrangement for a friend to pick up on your behalf or consider donating it to the Stop? All orders unclaimed by Thurs Nov 24th at 9:30am will be delivered to the Stop.

Look forward to hearing about your availability or if you want to make last minute alternate arrangements for your order please
Contact Cyndi cynduck@gmail.com
Please reply at your nearest convenience. Thanks!

FFFF Harvest Day

We are thrilled to announce our delivery date for FFFF 
Wednesday Nov 23, 2016 between 2:30-6:30pm.
Thanks for making this fundraiser and food drive such a huge success!!
The Stop will be receiving 980 lbs of fresh vegetables and 225 lbs of apples!
We are looking for volunteers on harvest day.
We are going to have a blast receiving and processing the produce.
Please consider helping out for a couple of hours throughout the day?
Look forward to hearing about your availability.
Contact Cyndi cynduck@gmail.com
Please reply at your nearest convenience. Thanks!

FFFF a HUGE SUCCESS & Volunteers needed for HARVEST DAY

Hawthorne families raised approx $3800! Nearly $2300 went straight to Ontario Farmers!

Approx $1500 is ours to keep! We will allocate funds at one of the upcoming council meetings (stay tuned for more info). 

We purchased approx 2000 kilos of fresh produce with a lot of that going to The Stop community food center! What a great way to keep it local and healthy! 

It’s not over yet…we still need volunteers for Harvest Day coming up in mid-November! As well as, parents with a van or large vehicle to deliver The Stop’s food donation. Pls contact Cyndi cynduck@gmail.com 

2 days remain to place your order for Farm Fresh Food Drive/Fundraiser!

Farm Fresh Food for all this fall… 2 days remain to place your order!

Thursday Oct 13th is fast approaching. Please get your orders in ASAP!
Click here if you need an order form.

We are looking for volunteers to help sort and distribute produce on harvest day in mid November.

Fresh from the Farm Fundraiser is also a food drive for the Stop Community Food Centre.  Please consider placing an extra order for those in need. We are also looking for parents with a van or large vehicle to deliver our food drive donation to The Stop.

Please contact Cyndi cynduck@gmail.com if you can help with the harvest day or food delivery.

Here’s to a bountiful harvest!