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Watershed on Wheels

On Thursday, January 24 the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority will bring its Watershed on Wheels program to some of our junior students. It’s a half day program that connects to the Science and Technology curriculum.

Grade 1 and 1/2 will participate in A Season of Change: Students have the opportunity to learn through games and activities how plants and animals prepare for the 4 seasons in Canada. Discussions include why we have seasons and how nature can be used to forecast weather. Participants will have the opportunity to touch animal furs and skulls.

Grade 2/3 will be participating in Water Cents: an exciting indoor program where the students use play money to buy and sell shares of environmental companies on the stock market. Through a water conservation survey; skits; active games; and an interactive model; students learn ways to conserve water and how a company’s success can be determined by their environmental ethics.

TRCA will be back on February 14 to lead sessions for Grades 3,4,5,6

For more on the TRCA: http://trca.on.ca/

Grade 3 Class Trip to Pioneer School – Pictures

On January 14, 2013 the Grade 3 students at our school visited Pioneer School. Dressed in traditional costume, the kids enjoyed a fun-filled informative day immersed in the lifestyles, customs, and surroundings of a village you might find in the Toronto area during the 1800’s. (more…)

The upcoming school Holiday concert has been rescheduled to Monday Dec 17th

The school holiday concert will be on Monday Dec 17th at 1:00 instead of Tuesday. This time was booked in the gym for the dress rehearsal so it will now be the official concert (unrehearsed!).

Teacher Appreciation Lunch Dec 14th – Volunteers and Contributions Needed

Tis the season to say THANKS! Please contribute to our traditional Hawthorne staff lunch this Friday, December 14th.  Holiday inspired dishes are needed –mains, veggies & desserts (for a potluck style luncheon).  Anyone who would like to contribute please e-mail Jane, ASAP, at ejaneoh@gmail.com


Reminder: Holiday Concert on December 18th, 1 pm

Please be reminded that this year’s holiday concert will be held in the gym at 1 pm on December 18th.

Classroom Waste Audit

(co-written with students October 1st)

Dear Hawthorne community,

Today in room 310 we had a waste audit and it was fun! A waste audit is sorting our waste into categories. It involved math, science and language arts. We used tallys to skip count by fives.

Room 310

Grade 3 class visits the BrickWorks

On Friday November 2,  the grade 3s had a fun fill day at the BrickWorks. We started with a beautiful hike in the valley and then we built amazing animal shelters using raw materials found in the area. It was so much fun! The kids showed what great things they can do by working cooperatively on a project. (more…)

Halloween Events

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Once again, we are coming upon Hallowe’en and organizing school-wide activities/events on October 31, 2012. We are aware that some families in our schools’ communities do not participate in programs intended for Hallowe’en. As such, teachers will engage in rich conversations with their students that will encourage students to make connections to the origins of Hallowe’en based on their own cultural and or religious perspectives and experiences. To help celebrate the festivities, we will be having the following events: (more…)

La Francophonie Mondiale, by Rm 215

This is what we did at Francophonie Mondiale. The students in room 215 did a theme on Morocco for the Francophonie Mondiale. We did a flag, camels, and some patterms. Lucky, Fireese, Rory and Alana came up in front of everyone to tell them what we made, in French. We learned about a lot of places in Canada, France, Morocco, and Switzerland that speak French. Other classes did songs about their country. Sheila’s class did a survey about if you liked ketchup on your french fries or not. At the end we looked at the work that other people did, and ours. That’s what we did for the Francophonie Mondiale.

La Francophonie Mondiale work by the students in room 215.


TDSB Takes a Stand Against Bullying

Wear Purple to School on Oct 19, 2012 – Ahead of Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week, the Toronto District School Board wants its students, community and country to know that, as Canada’s largest school board, we stand firmly against bullying.

We work hard every day to ensure our schools are caring, safe and inclusive environments and have the programs in place to achieve that, but occasionally we have to do more.

This Friday, October 19, at 11am, we are asking all 250,000 TDSB students and 40,000 staff members to pause for one minute of silence in remembrance of bullying victims who are no longer with us and to support those who are being bullied right now. We are also asking schools across the province to join with us in this initiative.
While a moment of silence won’t stop bullying altogether, it is our hope that it will be a powerful message to those affected by it that we, as students, as teachers, as administrators, as people, will not stand by and let this happen.

For more information visit: http://www.tdsb.on.ca/about_us/media_room/Room.asp?show=allNews&view=detailed&self=34126


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