Toronto Public Health: Eye See Eye Learn for JK Students

Attention Parents/Caregivers of Children in JK (born 2014)

Is your child currently in Junior Kindergarten and has not had their vision checked this year by an Optometrist?  Be sure to book an appointment by June 30th to take advantage of the Eye See Eye Learn program.  Students born in 2015 and starting JK in the fall can participate any time after July 1st 2019.

Eye See Eye Learn® is a program through the Ontario Association of Optometrists that provides an eye exam and a free pair of eye glasses if required.  Find a participating  Optometristnear you.

For more information about Vision Health in School Age Children, please visit the Toronto Public Health website.

Full Day Kindergarten at Hawthorne

Our March Parent Council Meeting featured a Special Topic Presentation on Full Day Kindergarten

The notes from that discussion, which included a presentation from Marc Green (Principal), Diane Peters (Hawthorne-on-Essex Daycare Board Member), and Caitlin Paterson (an ECE working in an Essex FDK classroom), are linked below. The notes include the Q&A session with meeting participants.

FDK at Hawthorne – Notes from Council Meeting (PDF)

Thanks to everyone who came out. It was an interesting and informative conversation.

Please also see the presentation on Full Day Kindergarten given at our winter school open house: Sharing the Learning – FDK



Council meeting wednesday night: special topic discussion on full day kindergarten

This month’s Parent Council meeting (Wednesday March 20, in the library, from 7-9 pm) will be two part: the first hour will involve a discussion of full day kindergarten, and the second hour will address regular council business.

While some of the particular details of how full day kindergarten will be run at Hawthorne next year are still be ironed out, Principal Marc Green will provide brief information on some of the logistics and plans in place to date.

We will also have an ECE from Essex who works in one of the full day kindergarten classes there coming to talk about the full day kindgarten classroom. She will speak to the following key topics:

  • What does a day look like in a full day kindergarten class?
  • What changes have been made to curriculum and the approach to teaching to curriculum in the full day kindergarten model?
  • What types of things are possible to do in a full-day kindergarten that aren’t possible to do in a half-day?

We may also have a representative from the daycare board who can speak to some of the details around the pre and post care and, hopefully, some thoughts about strategies to support transitioning children to full day kindergarten.

There will also be an opportunity for questions and discussion. Hope to see you there!

The Great Big Crunch on March 7th – morning apple transport support required for classes!

Hawthorne and Essex schools are taking part in a cross-country event sponsored by Foodshare called The Great Big Crunch, happening this Thursday, March 7. It’s a special day of good food education, ending with a massive, synchronized bite into a crunchy fruit (or vegetable) at 2:30.  More info here:
We need a parent volunteer from each class to pick up apples from Joan’s office on Thursday morning before 9 AM and deliver them to your child’s classroom. Please confirm with or your parent rep by Wednesday morning that there is a volunteer for your class (it could also be a student for senior grades).

Last Chance for Lost and Found

There is a large pile of lost and found spread out for viewing on the third floor. There was a significant fruit fly problem that needed to be dealt with. The caretakers will leave it until friday, then it will be taken “away.” Teachers are being asked to bring their classes by to claim their belongings. If parents could also check before friday it’s your last chance to claim items before they go.

Teacher Appreciation Lunch Dec 14th – Volunteers and Contributions Needed

Tis the season to say THANKS! Please contribute to our traditional Hawthorne staff lunch this Friday, December 14th.  Holiday inspired dishes are needed –mains, veggies & desserts (for a potluck style luncheon).  Anyone who would like to contribute please e-mail Jane, ASAP, at