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Les Couleurs

In Room 214, we have been learning about “les couleurs” from “des livres et des chansons”. Here is a link to one song we are learning. We think it’s funny and a little freaky.

More Chickens! in Room 214

We are writing a book called MORE CHICKENS!

We read a book called MORE BEARS! by Kenn Nesbitt. At the end of that book, the author says he is going to write a book called More Chickens, so we decided to make our own book.

First, we came up with ideas for chicken characters.

Then we made hand prints with paint for our chicken bodies,and we decorated them with paper, feathers, sparkles and googly eyes.

Next we will write the story and include all our great characters and make a big book for the class.

When it is done, we will each be able to take it home for a night to show our family. Maybe we will even show it here on the blog.

We can’t wait to see our finished work!

Class Reps Needed

We are currently looking for class reps for every grade except Catherine Cyr’s 2/3 class. A class rep serves as a liaison between teachers and parents (helping to find volunteers for class trips, sending reminders from the teacher out to class parents etc.) and also as a liaison between parents and the parent council (attends parent council meetings and lets class parents know about relevant issues that are discussed; passes along important dates, reminders etc.) This is an important role as teachers and parent council depend on the class rep to share/distribute timely information to class parents. Please note that this role can be shared between two parent volunteers.

If you would like to be a class rep please contact: chairs@hawthorne2bilingual.com

All About Grade 1

Grade 1 Quick Facts 2012-2013 school year:

Room #:

Sheila Grantham

Class Reps:
Volunteers needed! When available, insert names and email addresses

For blog postings and announcements related to Grade 1 visit: http://www.hawthorne2bilingual.com/categories/classrooms/grade-1/


Room 214 Makes Claymation

Room 214 got to participate in a claymation workshop right here at school. Scott and Heather ( Max’s and Tilly’s parents) lead the class through a workshop.

First, the students made their characters from plasticine and pipe cleaners. Then they decided how the creature would move, or which body parts would move. The next day, they filmed each character moving frame by frame. And now you can see them on Youtube! Here is the link


Hawthorne Cleans Up!

Hawthorne students took part in Friday’s Community Clean Up. Here’s a shot of Room 214 sorting the trash from the front of the school.

Room 214 Book Sale a Big Success!

On Wednesday, April 18, the students in Room 214 held a “Book Sale”

ImageStudents donated books from home. Each student received 65 cents in play money to spend. They got to choose a book and then pay for it with exact change, counting and trading coins to get to the correct amount.

Each student was able to purchase 4 books to keep, all while using their math skills and saving resources by giving used books a new home.Image

Thanks to all those who donated books and to Heather, Ash and Wendy for helping during the sale.


And still we skate. Many Hawthorne classes have been taking advantage of the mild winter weather and going skating at Christie Pits rink. What a delightful way to spend the afternoon. We’ve been 3 times, and have 3 more outings scheduled if the ice holds, every Friday until March Break. A big thank you to all the volunteers and snack donations.  We can’t do these wonderful activities without your help. 

Playing With Words

On Thursday, February 23, the kindergarten to grade 2 classes at Hawthorne participated in workshops with Bill Russell, a wonderful children’s entertainer.  The students danced and sang and clapped to traditional children’s songs and dances in English and en francais.

Thanks once again to the enrichment committee and Mariposa in the Schools.


The grade 1, 1/2 and 2 classes were very fortunate to participate in a storytelling session by Bernice Hune. The students were riveted by her tales of magic paintbrushes and dragons. Each class then got to take part in a workshop to make their own dragons to take home.

Thank you to the Enrichment commitee and the parent helpers in each class. What a wonderful way to celebrate Lunar New Year and welcome in the Year of the Dragon.


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