Music Monday!

Music MondayThanks to Jessica (Gr. 6) and the Grade 5 and 6 classes for a sunny outdoor band performance to celebrate Music Monday! The band just keeps getting better and better and both Essex and Hawthorne students were able to sit outdoors and enjoy some afternoon tunes.

Also, thanks to Catherine Cyr (Gr. 2/3) for organizing our first ever Earth Week film festival … many great films were viewed by all grades throughout the week.  Let’s hope we can make this an annual event!!

Track and Soccer Updates

Track Meet May 16th  Grades 4-5-6 only

Track practice is always Mon/ Wed & Friday for Grades 4-5-6 at 8:20am. Parent volunteers are needed — please come out and join or check with Ian about volunteering needs.

Grade 4/5 Girls soccer tournament May 6th Boys  Grade 3/ 4/5 Soccer May 8th

 For the schedule of soccer practices see your coach’s door as it changes weekly

The Great Big Crunch on March 7th – morning apple transport support required for classes!

Hawthorne and Essex schools are taking part in a cross-country event sponsored by Foodshare called The Great Big Crunch, happening this Thursday, March 7. It’s a special day of good food education, ending with a massive, synchronized bite into a crunchy fruit (or vegetable) at 2:30.  More info here:
We need a parent volunteer from each class to pick up apples from Joan’s office on Thursday morning before 9 AM and deliver them to your child’s classroom. Please confirm with or your parent rep by Wednesday morning that there is a volunteer for your class (it could also be a student for senior grades).

Watershed on Wheels for Juniors on Feb 14th – Wetlands we love you…

TRCA’s Watershed on Wheels program is back with junior grades on Thursday, Feb 14. Here’s a description of what will be happening in your children’s classes!


Grades 3 & 4: Wetland Ecosystems: Children participate in activities and lessons that focus on the  importance of Ontario wetlands. Topics explored include types of  wetlands; the importance and role of wetland habitats; historical  destruction of wetlands; diversity of types of plants and wildlife;  invertebrates; indicator and alien species.


Grade 5:
Climate Calamity: When it comes to climate change, we can’t afford to wait and learn about this important topic. Through a trivia game, an interactive greenhouse  gas activity, media reviews and citizen role-plays, this innovative  program helps students understand their environmental footprint and  explore ways we can be solution oriented in deailing with this  environmental reality.


Grade 6:
Diversity of Living Things: Teaching children about complex things such as biological classification systems can be a difficult task. Allow our trained staff to help  simplify it and make it fun and exciting. Students learn about  classification systems used in every day life as well as those used by  biologists to classify all living things.

Last Chance for Lost and Found

There is a large pile of lost and found spread out for viewing on the third floor. There was a significant fruit fly problem that needed to be dealt with. The caretakers will leave it until friday, then it will be taken “away.” Teachers are being asked to bring their classes by to claim their belongings. If parents could also check before friday it’s your last chance to claim items before they go.

Teacher Appreciation Lunch Dec 14th – Volunteers and Contributions Needed

Tis the season to say THANKS! Please contribute to our traditional Hawthorne staff lunch this Friday, December 14th.  Holiday inspired dishes are needed –mains, veggies & desserts (for a potluck style luncheon).  Anyone who would like to contribute please e-mail Jane, ASAP, at


La Francophonie Mondiale

La Francophonie Mondiale
1:00- 3:00 pm

A school wide expo! Teachers and students have been working hard on projects that showcase Francophone countries from around the world. Explore France! Haiti! Burkina-Faso! Classes will visit throughout the afternoon. Families are invited to a self-guided tour of the work located in the West Gym. Please enter through the outside doors only.


1:00 to 1:30 performances by students
1:30 to 2:00 tour of the exhibits with students explaining their work
2:00 to 3:00 self-guided tour

Pennies for Water

Leah and Johnny went to WeDay organized by Free the Children to learn about how we can help people in other countries that are in need.  Leah and Johnny got an empty bag to fill up with pennies.  After the bag is filled, it is given to the Royal Bank of Canada who will then give it to Free the Children.  Free the Children will use the money to provide clean water to one person for the rest of their life.  When each bag is filled, it is a total of $25 in pennies.  We decided to make this a class project in which Leah and Johnny will be in charge of dropping off all filled bags and getting new bags.

Room 302 has already filled one bag!  We are about to give it to the Royal Bank of Canada so that we can get a second bag.  We are planning on keeping track of how many bags we fill over the course of the year.