Make an eco-pledge with your students this week and we could win a class set of cameras!

This week the students are going to make a pledge for the planet!

Here is a link of what we will be doing:

Parents if you could help your students make an individual and a family pledge we could submit our pledges and possibly win a class set of cameras from Earth Day Canada.

I will be sending out a template of a worksheet you can use tomorrow OR you can have the students send their pledges as a video or a simple e-mail to save trees!





Allister’s first blog: what we are doing in class!

In my French class we are focusing on creating posters that showcase student opinions in French. Their opinions they came up with ranged from “tous les enfants de 301 aiment manger la pizza.” (All the kids of 301 like to eat pizza) to “tous les enfants de 301 aiment tomber dans les bacs à mousse.” (All the kids of 301 like to fall into foam pits). They have to  either agree with the opinion (Je suis d’accord) or disagree with it (Je ne suis pas d’accord).

I tried to motivate the kids using this image... they didn't agree too much but they got the idea!

Eventually I’m hoping that the students will write opinions in French about why French is important (Why should we take it?)! They can present their opinions in a variety of ways:

-short videos


-a short skit or play

-through artwork

This is where I’m directing the kids in French class for the next few weeks!

In English, with the theme of Black History Month, we are looking at spoken word. The kids have written their first drafts and are going to be adding more elements (such as onomatopoeia, alliteration and )  to modify what they have already written. I’ll try to publish

The following is a poem that I wrote through the perspective of Rosa Parks.

There are two scenes:

1) Rosa Parks at a table with her family eating breakfast


2) Sitting on the bus being yelled at to get out of her seat.

Simple actions will reside; A day in the life of Rosa. By Allister

My family joy/full/y sitting and talking talking talk/ing,

About the holy (not so holy) holiday of Christmas FA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA Liing on the 25th of December.

Excited as a child on Christmas morning opening the present presents underneath the Christmas tree,

Wonder/ring ponder/ing think/ing about the day ahead of me….

Seeing the rushing force of a lion coming towards me.

Yelling screaming “GIVE ME THAT SEAT!”

Your seat? I see my seat, why don’t you eat or thr/eat/ someone else.

Some/one your own size it’s no surprise you want to thr/            eat/         en me.

‘Cause see but I’m proud and loud.

It’s for me to decide where I reside. So push me aside but my action will reside.

If you want to see an example that captivated the kids for a few minutes watch this clip of a TED conference!

What do you think? Any thoughts, comments or suggestions about what is going on in my class in general?