Fundraising at Hawthorne

The Hawthorne Parent Council fundraises to support a variety of activities and resources that enrich the learning experiences of Hawthorne students and provide opportunities to foster community among Hawthorne families.

Our focus is on events and programs that foster:

  • Fun
  • Community building & inclusivity
  • Bringing both Hawthorne and Essex schools together
  • Getting kids involved

We strive to limit the number of fundraisers we hold during the year. We discuss priorities for fundraising and approve fundraising plans throughout the year at Parent Council meetings.

Key fundraising activities that recur at Hawthorne include:

  • Parent contributions of $50-$75 per student to support the Parent Council Enrichment Program ($150 suggested donation for families with more than one child). The Enrichment Program funds special performances and workshops for students that enhance their educational experience through a range of media and arts (e.g., theatre, yoga, music, dance, art, poetry), science and technology, and outdoor education opportunities. Enrichment activities are often bilingual or French and address social justice, ecology, diversity and other key themes that align with the values of our alternative school.
  • Weekly Friday pizza lunches for kids in grades K-6. High quality pizza slices and fruit/veg are available for purchase for Friday lunches.
  • Monthly sale of coffee from a local supplier of high-quality, locally roasted fair trade coffee.

Outside of the Enrichment Program, funds raised are used for a range of resources and activities that enhance student experiences at Hawthorne. The allocation of fundraising dollars is coordinated by the Parent Council. The following activities and resources are regularly funded:

  • Student clubs
  • Teacher-allocated classroom resources
  • Supplemental technology (e.g., smartboards, computers, projectors)
  • Graduation and yearbook
  • School band
  • Phys Ed equipment
  • Special events for Hawthorne families such as Welcome Tea and potlucks
  • Others as decided each year

Currently the Fundraising and Special Events co-chairs are Katie Kerr and Tania Kalaboukos. We would love to get you involved! Contact the Parent Council Chairs at  for more information.